Grzegorz Majsterek
Hi, I design and develop high quality websites and web apps interfaces for global and local Aberdeen companies.
Recruiters also like to know that...
I am passionate and creative Front-End and SharePoint Developer with strong User Interface and Experience Design skills.
I live and work in Agile/Scrum methodology way and have few years of enterprise SharePoint 2010/2013/Online design and development experience.
As Microsoft Certified Professional I successfully delivered many user friendly websites, Content Management Systems, SharePoint Add-ins, intranet sites and Business Management Systems for companies and organisations of all size.
I am highly creative and motivated to answer business needs by utilising analytical and problem solving skills.
I learn fast, adapt quickly to changing situations and understand the big picture while giving attention to small details.
At present, I am working as SharePoint Consultant for Sword IT Solutions, where I design and deliver SharePoint and Office 365 solutions for businesses around the world.

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